How to fold your MCup? 2018-01-29T10:40:42+00:00

Menstrual Cup Folding

Fold, insert, done. It really is that easy. There are even different ways you can fold it to suit different bodies, situations, and styles.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some origami trick. The quick guide below will show you just how simple and fuss-free it can be.

C-fold or Heart Fold

…is the basic fold that most women use. Once inserted give it a moment to spring into position (don’t worry, it always does!)

Punch Down Fold or Shell Fold

…is the fold most popular with younger cup users. It makes the cup smaller to insert, you just might need to give it an extra nudge and check that it has opened properly.

7 Fold or Triangle Fold

…is the simple fold that’s maybe easier to insert and a good option if the other methods don’t seem to suit you as much.

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